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Portable Air Cooler ???? ?? ??? ??? ???
Portable Air Cooler ????? ???? ???? ??? ? ??? ???
Mini air conditioner
Creates a refreshing coolness
Portable and efficient
Powered by USB
It is a compact, portable device that cools, moisturizes, cleans and refreshes the air.
The device creates an optimal temperature around you even on the hottest days.
To feel comfortable, you no longer need huge and expensive air conditioners and noisy fans.
The air cooler will refresh you in minutes and fill the atmosphere around you with coolness.
Personal mini air conditioner equipped with hydro cooling technology. A special filter
is built into the device and is soaked with water during operation.
It is evenly moistened, and the movement of the fan turns dry and hot air into a pleasant and cool breeze.
The cooler has a built-in light, thanks to which in the evening it will be not only personal air conditioning, but also a colorful night light. Relaxing soft light is ideal for the bedroom and children's room.
Mandochef - Супер-шинковка
Three modes of fan speed give you the ability to adjust the cooling rate from a light cool breeze to a noticeably cool air flow.

The device is completely silent and you can take it with you to work.