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Organic Teatox bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas

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Organic Teatox Anti-parasite tea bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas
Organic Teatox bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas
Organic Teatox - parasite remedyo bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas
Buy Organic Teatox Anti-parasite tea official website Philippines

PARASITES – the main cause for bad breath! Check the exclusive interview with the head of the infectious department who reveals the secret how to cope with bad breath!

Unique product that will eliminate all the parasites, living in your body! 100 % effectiveness guaranteed!
"Do you know there are thousands of parasites all around your body? You can find them in the liver, brain, lungs and especially in your stomach, and most of them are very dangerous for your health. The first sign for various serious diseases is bad breath!”

Parasites in your brain can cause brain cancer!

Filaria can cause stopping of your heart!

This will remove all parasites from your body!
Editors: Doctors have proven that parasites in your stomach lead to bad breath. In fact, a recent research had discovered that the product from parasite larva circle are dangerous and ensure helmiths in stomach the proper condition to grow, causing bad breath.

Today, we are happy to share with you our exclusive interview with the head of the parasitic research center- professor Hernandes, talking more about this problem.

— Hello, Professor! Thank you for agreeing to give this interview. Let’s start with the first and one of the most important questions – is it true that Manila is a leading country when it comes to parasite infection cases?

«— Unfortunately, that is true. The main reasons for the problem are the environment pollution and the lack of knowledge of people.»
— Professor Henry, can you tell us how bad breath is related to the presence of parasites in the body?

— Actually, not long ago doctors used to believe that bad breath is associated only with problems inside your mouth. However, a recent research has proven that the primary cause for bad breath is parasites in your stomach (mainly helminths). We should not ignore that first symptom for possible serious illness!

Bad breath? Your body suffers from parasites infection! 100 % effective!
— Can parasites actually kill us?

— Of course, they can! Actually, 92 % of all death cases are caused by parasites! Even those cases, we consider as normal death of the person, are also cause by parasites. Parasites can develop inside your brain, liver, lungs, blood, stomach and intestines. Almost all of them are very harmful for your body. Some can destroy the organ immediately, while others work slower. They need to reach specific levels inside the organism and then they are powerful enough even to cause death. We have to know we all have parasites in our bodies. Unfortunately, many doctors try to cope with the symptom, not to eliminate the problem, which is parasites. Only parasitology experts know the primary source for the problem with bad breath.

— In order our readers to understand how serious parasite infections are, can you can give us specific examples of diseases caused by such type of infections.

and also, i guarantee that we all have parasites in our bodies. They are just hard to detect. And when the signs of the disease show, Doctors only try to treat them. Only parasitology experts can detect them. Most are like that.

— Can you give some examples of parasitic infection diseases?

Yes, I could probably give you tons of examples. However, I would like to focus on the most dangerous ones. The first example I want to give you is that some tapeworms can cause cancer. Not for the patient but for the helminths. Their malignant cells spread, and then spread to human organs. Patient, suffering from such type of cancer can die in few months. In fact, a patient has died this week due to the similar tumor.

Another extremely serious consequence of parasite infection is spreading to human brain, which causes the dysfunction. Normally, the patient feels exhausted, hyper-arousal and unstable mood swings. If the problem is not discovered in time, it can lead to death.

«Men should be extra careful for parasites inside their bodies, because they can cause diseases such as prostate inflammation, impotence, adenomas, cystitis and kidney stones, gallstones. Women should watch out for pain and ophoritis, ovarian cysts, adrenal gland inflammation, cystitis and kidney inflammation. Parasites also make their skins age faster.»
The third example, parasites get into your heart. You might think this case is rare, but surprisingly, 23% normal people have worms in their hearts. This mean 1 in 4 people will have it. In the beginning stage, they are harmless. But as they live there longer, they will worn down your heart. They can lead to heart diseases. I can assure that 100% cardiovascular strokes related to parasites

— How dangerous parasites are?

« As I mentioned above, in male body, they can cause the diseases such as prostate inflammation, impotence, etc. for example: adenomas, cystitis and kidney stones, gallstones.
In female body: pain and oophoritis, ovarian cysts, adrenal gland inflammation, cystitis and kidney inflammation. And also make their skins age faster.»
— In the end of this interview, can you give us a list of symptoms we should watch out for?

— First, I have to mention that if you have two of the symptoms I will tell you about, then you have parasites in your body. Here are the most common symptoms:

Bad breath
Allergy (rash, lacrimation, nasal discharge)
Easily flu, sore throat, stuffy nose
Always tired
Regular headaches, constipation or diarrhea
Joint pain, muscle pain
Sleeping and eating disorders
Dark circles under eyes
Luckily, now you have the tool to cope w