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Colour Keep bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City

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Colour Keep spray bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City
Colour Keep bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City
Buy Colour Keep hair spray official website Philippines: Maynila, Quezon City

Customer Reviews
Angelica 28 years of Age  I started spotting gray hair on my head at a very early age. It actually made me feel bad and I was quite conscious about it. So I decided to use dye and recolor them. This wasn’t good for my hair because in 3 weeks I was back to have my hair dyed again. Colour Keep was then suggested to me by a friend who is equally a hairdresser, rather than constantly dying my hair. After using it for about 2 weeks, I started to see obvious changes and by the time I had used it for a month, I could find any gray roots. I am presently rocking my natural hair color again and have not stopped using the spray, just as a preventive measure. Sarah 48 years old  Colour Keep was my savior! As a woman, the sight of gray hair just simply indicates that you are aging. After I had bought all sorts of color dyes, tried other remedies suggested by friends, even applied vitamins that were meant for hair only, no good results were seen. Then I was introduced to Colour Keep spray by my daughter, in fact, she gave it to me. Decided to give it a try and a month later, gray hair was almost gone completely. I kept using it and in six weeks there were no traces of grey hair on my head anymore. Jessica 52 years old  Having gray hair didn’t really matter to me. Ok so I have gray hair, what’s the big deal? Well, I then saw a web advert about this spray, and to please my husband I ordered it. To my greatest surprise, it took only a matter of weeks for the gray hair on my hair to reduce. Motivated by the results, I kept using and in a month my hair was completely dark again, you would think I was in my 20s
Frequently Asked Questions
What to expect from Colour Keep?
All hair irrespective of the color has a coloring pigment. The use of the Colour Keep spray helps in the production of the coloring pigment and it increases with each consistent use.

How is the natural hair color restored by Colour Keep?
On application to the hair, it works together with the available hair protein, keratin to produce a pigment, all of which amasses after every use.

How can results be seen quickly with the use of Colour Keep spray?
On your first use of Colour Keep spray, the color restoration process begins immediately, the color, however, is restored gradually, but quick results are determined by how often and consistent you use it.