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DermaTea official website Philippines: Manila, Quezon City

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DermaTea bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City
bumili DermaTea sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City
DermaTea on the official website in the Philippines: Manila, Quezon City
buy DermaTea on the official website in the Philippines: Manila, Quezon City
DermaTea official website Philippines: Manila, Quezon City

I have had a painful journey with acne, and sometimes I feel like I must tell people what someone with acne goes through daily. However, this story has a happy ending because I was introduced to what was the most wonderful solution to all my acne problems. Before I talk more about that, I want you all to know how I’ve been able to get from where I was 3 years ago to where I am right now.
My painful experience with acne
Around the age of 15, I started developing acne rosacea. For me, this was in the form of tiny bumps on my cheeks and sides of the face. Being unable to keep my hands off the pimples that would make their presence known, I picked at my acne almost every day. I picked and picked, to a point where I would draw blood. The pimples would leave behind scars that were nearly black marks that were starting to dot my whole face.
People would often comment, asking why I look like this. There would be a barrage of questions about various things ranging from acne tips, dermatologist listings to people expressing how bad they felt for me. I would be told to drink water more frequently, improve my diet. Interestingly everything was supposedly my fault.
So, I tried everything there was, from tea tree or peppermint oil, acne soap bars, acne lotions, to going to expensive dermatologists who would tell me Skin Purging medicines and start an anti-biotics course that only increased my hormonal imbalance.
I finally landed a solution that worked in reality
After trying out everything there was, exhausting perhaps all my avenues, a friend disguised as an angel, one day mentioned a tea that helped with acne in passing. I caught it; this was going to be my last attempt at fixing my acne. What was the harm anyway?
DermaTea is supposed to have antioxidant properties. It cleans your insides, giving your body a proper cleanse. The tea’s detoxifying ability helps remove toxins, boost the immune system, and purify the body. Thus, helping in reducing and then completely eliminating acne.
It took me a month to finally start noticing a visible change in my appearance. My pimples had decreased in numbers and size. The marks they left behind were hardly noticeable. The magic ingredient in DermaTea is Nettle, a powerful ingredient that fights against acne and inflammation. Having Derma Tea as my companion for the last two years now has been a pleasure! I've noticed a visible difference. I didn’t think people would ask someone like me for skincare tips, but my skin’s health has gotten to the point that I can, very quickly, share skincare tips. The no.1 tip being ‘use DermaTea consistently and wait for it to do its magic’.