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Bumili Detoxery sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City

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Detoxery bumili sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City
Bumili Detoxery sa opisyal na website sa Pilipinas: Maynila, Quezon City
Detoxery buy on the official website in the Philippines: Manila, Quezon City
Buy Detoxery on the official website in the Philippines: Manila, Quezon City
Detoxery official website Philippines: Manila, Quezon City

Pharmacists exposed: 8 out of 10 fatal diseases are caused by parasites...!
Silent killers: the toxins secreted by parasites cause immune deficiency, which in 75% of cases results in cancer, 43% in yeast infections, and 65% in strokes and heart attacks.

Hello, my name's Ines. I'm a former employee of a Medication Development Lab. I'm writing a post in this blog because I was banned from all medical communities and forums. By sheer chance, I discovered the shocking secret of my company. They wanted to pay me to keep my mouth shut, but I refused. Everyone must know this!

Back in 2015, a paper was released that made experienced doctors shudder. Researchers and doctors from Germany, USA and Philippines finished a 17-year study of 12,400 volunteers. They found that in 78% of cases, parasites cause death after serious diseases. It was found that to prevent deadly diseases and prolong life by an average of 15 years, people must cleanse the toxins produced by parasites. Such toxins create a favourable environment for malignant tumours and serious diseases.

Deadly parasites enter the body through the fish, vegetables, meat and fruit that we buy at supermarkets.

Parasites live in almost every human being. According to official statistics, 84% of people in the Philippines are infected. The main types of parasites are Ascaris, Tapeworms and Flukes. In the stomach, liver, and blood vessels they can reach 20 cm and lay up to 240 000 eggs daily, which absorbed in the stomach wall enter the blood that carries them throughout the body.

In 43% of cases, parasites cause thrush
Candida albicans is intestinal flora and an organism that lives in the mouth and oesophagus. In 43% of cases, toxins secreted by helminths rapidly increase - which causes chronic thrush.


If treatment is not timely, the parasites cause serious damage to the immune system that opens the door to other diseases. Numerous toxins produced by parasites cannot be removed - so they continue to accumulate in the stomach and clog blood vessels, poisoning the body. The first signs of infection are bad breath, acne and blackheads.

Trichomonas - parasites in the blood vessels that can be removed with timely treatment using anti-parasitic drugs - cause 94% of early heart attacks and strokes. In 79%, frequent headaches are due to parasites.

Symptoms of infestation:
rashes such as blackheads and pimples;
bad breath;
high blood pressure;
Our lab has developed a powerful medicine against parasites. The trial results were sensational: parasites disappeared in a week! But symptoms and parasites soon returned. Surprisingly, I was the only one disappointed...my team lead was excited and preparing the drug for mass sales. So, I decided to find out for myself.

The preparation was based on the cheapest natural ingredient called yarrow, which "dissolves" parasites by removing toxins from the intestines. But its content was too low and weak: they were harmful chemicals that temporarily decrease parasite activity. After some time, they stimulate the proliferation of parasites and the symptoms of infestation are back - as well as the risk of cancer and other serious conditions. So this "super-drug" only attacked the symptoms, not the cause. I told my team lead, and he said: "What do you think, Ines? Want us to develop a drug that solves the problem once and for all - and makes us jobless? It's our living." Then he suggested I keep quiet, offered me money, and even threatened me.

97% of patients are free of parasites in 2 weeks
So I conducted my investigation. And I'm grateful to all the people who responded to my request on social networks to participate and helped me get on TV and in the press.

The results of the preliminary study with 280 volunteers were shocking: 243 people were infected with parasites and had the following symptoms: headaches, bad breath, acne, chronic thrush.

I read medical reference books and bought capsules called Detoxery. It is the only all-natural product, simple and cheap, which consists of yarrow, F-type molecules and a complex of 20 natural ingredients. You can find its detailed description on the manufacturer's official website. But you can't buy from the usual pharmacies. Because big pharma has no interest in selling you cheap stuff that actually works.

97% of patients free of parasites, even in advanced cases
Below is the precise protocol of the trial, and comments from those who wanted to share the positive results.