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Buy HorseMEN capsules on the official website in Singapore

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buy HorseMEN capsules on the official website in Singapore
capsules HorseMEN buy on the official website in Singapore

What word Urology Specialists About Men's Health
6 facts about penis size and potential you did not know
The man can talk about soccer match winners for hours, but could not remember their grandmother's birthday, and this is very common. This is equivalent to what happens when discussing the main source of male pride. They believe existed, but did not fully understand the structure and do not even know why looks like it. Today we will discuss how you can improve the function of your penis.

Dr. Wei Cheng
Urology Specialists, Ph.D. (Medical)
1. The size of the penis is less than 16 cm
Dr. Wei Cheng:

16-18 cm is the normal size for men with a good genetic profile. The larger the penis, the greater chance your child to inherit it and vice versa. In addition, the length of the penis which is more fun for women. Long penis can massage the A-spot inside the vagina and can make a woman orgasm many times.

In addition, it has been proven by scientists that in the wild man with a longer penis has a greater chance to impregnate a woman. This is because the male sperm cells to reach the egg faster.

There are many products available to enlarge the penis size. However, among those products HorseMEN is the most effective and affordable. In addition, this product can be used at home. It is a wholly natural product containing the active components have a positive effect on the vascular system. This product strengthens the corpora cavernosa, making the penis so 5-6 cm long and 3 cm thick. Rapid blood flow ensures stable erection and sexual intercourse with a long duration. 
2. The penis begins to diminish in men over the age of 25 years.
Dr. Wei Cheng:

This is true! These are now often seen in smokers. Nicotine and tar constrict blood vessels so that the negative impact on blood circulation. This, in turn, makes the penis become shorter and significantly worsen erectile compared with men who did not smoke.

3. Erection become weaker with age men.
Dr. Wei Cheng:

Age-related Impotence is a myth. Various external factors other than age to be the cause of erectile dysfunction in men over the age of 45 years. These factors include unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol abuse, and low levels of physical activity. All these factors cause vascular problems that lead to weak erections. And when a man getting older, she could completely lose its ability to maintain an erection.