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buy HorseMEN capsules on the official website in Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur
capsules HorseMEN buy on the official website in Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur

5. The average duration of sexual intercourse is 26 minutes
Dr. Wei Cheng:

However, not all men can do. If a man orgasm in 5-10 minutes, this time period is not enough for a woman to reach orgasm. Unfortunately, nearly 70% of men only strong sex no more than 15 minutes.

6. The time it takes healthy men in order to be ready for sex for the second time was 1 minute.
Dr. Wei Cheng:

This is true. A healthy man can be ready to go back to having sex two times in just a few minutes. The problem here is that only a few of us were completely healthy. So if you feel that one is enough for you, this is no reason to feel sad or moody but an excuse to conduct a thorough medical examination. The sooner you realize it the higher your chances of recovering. I recommend you to visit the specialist urology, sexual health professionals, and specialist cardiology. In addition, you also have to perform an ultrasound of blood vessels.

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