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Buy Cardiovax capsules on the official website in India to New Delhi

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buy Cardiovax capsules on the official website in India to New Delhi
capsules Cardiovax buy on the official website in India to New Delhi

Cardiovax © - normal blood pressure from the very first use. A lasting result.
Targets the cause of the disease, reducing the risk of a stroke and infarction to zero!

Normalizes blood pressure within the first 6 hours due to bioflavonoids

Restores the tone and elasticity of the vessels within 1 treatment regimen

Safe for any age Effective during stages 1, 2, and 3 of hypertension
Check yourself!
Do you suffer from at least one of following symptoms?


Increased heart rate

Black specks in front of the eyes (eye floaters)

Chronic fatigue

Apathy, irritation, drowsiness

Facial edema

Blurry vision

Numb and cold fingers


Blood pressure spikes
67% of hypertensive patients in India have absolutely no idea that they are sick.
What makes hypertension dangerous?
The consequences of high blood pressure are more dangerous than oncological diseases and tuberculosis put together. 89% of hypertension cases end with infarctions. Thrombosis develops in the vessels. The risks of cerebral hemorrhages and the development of strokes are high.
Smoking, drinking alcohol, malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stresses, and high cholesterol levels make the consequences especially dangerous. Overweight people suffer from hypertension 3-4 times more often than normal people.
Hypertension progresses rapidly, one in five patients faces a risk of lethal outcome. Begin the treatment now and become completely healthy.

The scientists' epoch-making breakthrough
It took the British scientists from the National Centre of Phlebology 8 years to design this prophylactic-therapeutic supplement.
Discovery of the year was nominated for the Gairdner Foundation International Award.
Multi-step testing proved the effectiveness of the supplement, which provided the academicians with all of the required licenses, quality certificates and government support.