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Diabextan Kapsula, Bumili, Opisyal na Website, Pilipinas

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Bumili Diabextan Kapsula, Opisyal na Website, Pilipinas
Diabextan Kapsula, Bumili, Opisyal na Website, Pilipinas
Diabextan Kapsula, Bumili sa Botika, Pilipinas

What are complications that could arise if blood sugar levels are not managed?
 Dr. Flores: The problem with blood sugar levels is that it can get too high or too low. Too much blood sugar can lead to hyperglycemia. Numbness, urination, thirst are some short-term implications, but in the long term, things can get even more intense. There is the threat of damage to the blood vessels, which could lead to heart attack, kidney disease, or failure, and damage to vision as well.

While on the other hand, when the blood sugar levels are too low, it is called hypoglycemia. On a short-term basis, patients may experience fatigue, difficulty while much more severe troubles such as losing conscience, seizures, and coma are also possible.

Are there any symptoms to look out for that can indicate an imbalance in the blood sugar levels?
 Dr. Flores: That is a very important question. And yes, there are tons of symptoms that, when spotted earlier, can help avoid long-term complications. The early symptoms for lower levels include confusion, dizziness, hunger, headaches, and weakness. While high sugar levels include drowsiness, excessive thirst/hunger, blurred vision, and headaches, etc.

According to your medical experience, how beneficial is the food supplement Diabextan when it comes to balancing blood sugar levels?
 Dr. Flores: I am so glad you asked. Food plays a huge role in the imbalance of blood sugar levels which is effectively managed by Diabextan. Before this food supplement, people had to be extra careful about what they eat, their calorie consumption, and even had to say goodbye to certain food groups such as carbs.

With Diabextan, all of that is no more a problem. A major problem for me is that I don't believe in artificial supplements, and this is why Diabextan is the perfect fit for fitness and health-conscious people like me. It can keep the blood sugar levels balanced most healthily.

The formula is designed in such a way that there are 100% natural ingredients in the food supplement. Ingredients such fig leaf, white mulberry leaf, bitter melon, etc., all are known to do wonders on their own. You can imagine the miracle they can work on the body when combined in a supplement. It is quite nutritious, and all you have to do is eat it once every day.

Surely, with such nutritious values, it can benefit in other domains too, right?
 Dr. Flores: You are right about that. Other than the balance of blood sugar levels, it helps in weight loss, lowering bad cholesterol, reversing insulin resistance, reduces blood pressures, and regulates blood sugar. Also, since it is a 100% VM Standard Certified Product, I have surety that it is completely safe and healthy.

Thank you for taking the time to be with us, Dr. Flores. It was a highly informational and beneficial interview for our audience and me as well!

Before I sign off, I would request everyone to ensure purchasing the product only from Diabextan's official website to stay safe from any possible scams. Remember! The fake products can not just rip you off your money but can also be injurious to your health.