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HANCOCK PROSPECTING GROUP (HPPL) - Visit Official Site: Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden

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HANCOCK PROSPECTING GROUP (HPPL) - Visit Official Site: Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden
Visit Official Site - HANCOCK PROSPECTING GROUP (HPPL) : Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden

Be part of Australia's best investor! -
The best opportunity to become part of an investment corporation for the extraction of iron ore

HANCOCK PROSPECTING GROUP (HPPL) To understand Hancock Prospecting Group and Gina Rinehart it is necessary to look at their activities in two parts. Rinehart's wealth and influence was undeniably created by her father Lang Hancock, who between 1952-1992 generated massive profits through mining iron ore in Western Australia, set up in the early 1960’s with international mining company, Rio Tinto. After Lang passed away, Gina then set about building a mining empire on top of Lang’s initial legacy with her ruthless business tactics and acumen. For further information go to Rinehart Background information (p17) In 1962, the Hamersley Iron Ore royalty agreement was signed between Rio Tinto and Hanwright (Hanwright was owned by Lang Hancock and Peter Wright).

It guaranteed Hancock and Wright 2.5% of royalty on every tonne of iron ore exported from the Hamersley Ranges. Rio Tinto would build the mines and railway from Mount Price to Dampier, a distance of over 330km. Hanwright would remain as an administration company. These deals fuelled the Hancock legacy and were the financial “backbone” that ensured HPPL’s success after Lang passed away. DEALS WITH RIO TINT

Rio Tinto’s Mt Tom Price Mine.

Hancock Prospecting has received a 1.25% royalty of every ton of iron ore mined from this site since the 1966. The royalty deals also now apply to the Channer Mine and Brockman mines. In October 2015, the High Court ordered Rio Tinto to pay $200m for royalties not paid from Channar mine (For more information see Channar Mine)