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Erectin Gel | Male Enhancement, Buy, Official Website in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, USA, Canada

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Buy Erectin Gel | Male Enhancement, Official Website in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, USA, Canada
Erectin Gel | Male Enhancement, Buy, Official Website in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, USA, Canada
Erectin Gel | Male Enhancement, Buy at the Pharmacy, Official Website in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, USA, Canada
Buy Erectin Gel | Male Enhancement at the Pharmacy, Official Website in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, USA, Canada

Compound #3: Vitamin CDon’t be fooled.
Just because Vitamin C is a common household vitamin, doesn’t mean it can’t help you achieve harder erections.That’s because there’s exciting research supporting Vitamin C as a major
player in erection hardness.The research shows Vitamin C supporting the process of Nitric Oxide development.Here’s what a few globally-respected journals are saying:
“Vitamin C support the biochemical pathways leading to NO (nitric oxide) release”
-Fertility and Sterility Journal
“In cultured endothelial cells, the antioxidant, l-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), increases nitric oxide synthase (NOS) enzyme activity”
-American Heart Association (Circulation Research Vol. 92)
“(Vitamin C) has been shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) bioavailability”
-Nitric Oxide Journal
The undeniable evidence is growing by the day.Vitamin C is a must-have if you want to produce the hardest erections of your life.Just wait until you try it with Erectin Stimulating Gel!Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Compound #4: BearberryWe chose Bearberry as the fourth erection-hardening compound for good reason.This little bright red berry is loaded with powerful antioxidants.And antioxidants are critical for increasing Nitric Oxide levels.
“Potent antioxidants increase vascular NO and improve vascular and erectile function.”
-International Journal of Impotence Research (2012)
And there you have it.You’re now caught-up with ALL four erection-hardening compounds packed inside this “instant” erection formula.
Erecting Gel

Absorption-Enhancer #1:

We added menthol because it’s one of the most effective absorption enhancers on the planet.Menthol opens up the “pathways” for quickly delivering all four erection-hardening compounds straight into your penis.
“Menthol is an effective penetration enhancer.”
-Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
And don’t worry…Our formula won’t “numb” your penis (or your partner). In fact, our formula is designed to enhance the feeling of sexual pleasure.And the truth is, many customers report sex feeling “better than ever” before!
Absorption-Enhancer #2:
Aloe Vera

New research reveals Aloe Vera may have erection enhancing properties.But we put Aloe Vera in our “instant” erection formula for one reason:To help increase the speed of results!
“Aloe Vera has an element called “Lignin” which helps it to penetrate right down to the cellular level.“
-International Journal of Drug Development and Research
Aloe Vera can also make the skin of your penis feel ultra-smooth… making sex feel even better!
Absorption-Enhancer #3:
Algae Extract

Believe it or not, Algae Extract works wonders for your skin.It acts as a natural hydrater and even improves skin elasticity. That’s why expensive high-end beauty products are loaded with this powerful extract.Numerous studies report Algae Extract boasting of several biological activities, including:Antioxidant ActivityAnti-Aging PropertiesMoisturizing EffectsBut most importantly…We added Algae Extract because it helps the erection-hardening compounds penetrate the skin for rapid results.
Absorption-Enhancer #4:
Mango Butter

Mango Butter is an effective moisturizer… providing a warm “velvety” richness while applying this instant-erection gel.Simply massaging Mango Butter into your penis could trigger an aroused penis. That’s because it feels amazing!But there is a scientific reason behind adding this high-quality moisturizer. And that is because it permeates the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) fast!And the Mango Butter acts as an all-natural “taxi” driving the four powerful erection-hardening compounds directly into the deeper layers of penis tissue.It’s the combination of ALL four absorption-enhancers that truly makes Erectins Stimulating Gel work fast.It’s so fast… in fact… you could produce a throbbing-hard erection in less than one minute!
It’s Easy To Use

Using Erectin Stimulating Gel is simple.Just massage a small amount onto your penis shaft and watch it go to work.  

Within seconds you could achieve a
bulging-hard erection.And the great part about our instant-erection formula is there’s no mess!
That’s because this formula is designed to absorb into your skin. So you won’t be stuck with a slimy, greasy mess all over your hands.There’s no “numbing” effect, either.You’ll only feel a warm tingling sensation. Which customers say they love feeling.You should also know our formula is silicone-free. So you don’t have to worry about rubbing harmful chemicals on your most precious organ. That’s because our formula is water-based and all-natural.

Step #1:
Apply a small
amount to the shaft of
your penis

Step #2:
Massage the gel into your
penis until fully absorbed

Step #3:
Watch your erection
spring to life!

Combine Erectin’s Daily Supplement
for Synergistic ResultsMost customers order Erectin Stimulating Gel after experiencing amazing results with Erectin’s all-natural daily supplement.The daily supplement and topical gel work together for delivering explosive results.But you can still achieve mind-blowing results with the gel alone.If you’d like to try the daily supplement (along with Erectin Stimulating Gel) then you’re in luck…Once you place your order today… we’ll also give you a chance to add the daily supplement to your shopping cart.Just follow the simple ordering steps. You’ll see a special offer when you do.
You can’t miss it!